SAT Help – Vocabulary Development Before the Big Day

One of the most challenging aspects of preparing for the SAT is mastering as much as possible all of the difficult vocabulary words that you’ve never heard of but will likely appear on the test. Vocabulary development is key if you want to do well on the SAT. However, it is of course difficult to know all of the definitions of the words that will appear on the exam, especially in the sentence completion section. Still, there are ways that you can study for this portion of the SAT. It is recommended that you work with an English tutor who can give you the SAT help that you will need in this area.

An effective way is to review words that have been frequently tested over the years with an English tutor. Some lists contain hundreds of words while others have thousands. Depending on the amount of time you have before the test, this is a great way for students looking for SAT help and more specifically vocabulary development before test day. Drill with an English tutor as much as possible before by first, reviewing frequently tested words, determining which words you are familiar with and which words you are unsure or unfamiliar, and then repeatedly studying your list with your English tutor until you know all of the words. You can make flashcards, either on paper or electronically, and test yourself. It is important to study secondary definitions as well.

This is not the only way an English tutor can provide SAT help for a student seeking to develop their vocabulary before the test. Continue reading

European History AP – Dominating the AP Exam

Need help studying for the European history AP Exam? This Article Will Discus The Components Of Effective Review, But Feel Free To Skim For The Topic You’re Looking For.

First, you need to start studying as early as possible. If you can’t bring yourself to do this, at least acquire the resources that you’ll need to review for the AP Exam. Getting everything lined up now will make preparation easier as the test gets closer.

Second, you need to begin getting a bird’s eye view grasp of European history. What do I mean by this? You need to refresh you memory about all the major events, like ‘The Industrial Revolution’ for example. Make a list of all these topics – you’ll need it for further review.

Next, you need to start understanding each of these events, one at a time. Plan out your remaining time, reviewing one or two of the items on your list each day. Leave some time for final comprehensive review right before the test, because you’ll have forgotten a few details by then. Use an AP Euro study guide that you’ve created yourself or found online to aid this preparation. Continue reading